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Purchasers and sellers of property both have the same goal, but there are differences in the process and procedures that each must follow. Our lawyers are skilled at understanding and advising clients from either side of the transaction. Our Elgin real estate attorneys will guide you through the process, identifying stumbling blocks and removing obstacles along the way.

At The Law Office of Richard C. Irvin & Associates in Elgin and Aurora, Illinois, we represent clients in residential real estate transactions which include sales and purchases. We review all documents involved in bringing about the closing, the purchase contract, loan documents, title documents, broker agreements, lender contracts, mortgage contracts, title searches, transactional documents, and home inspection records and recommendations. We negotiate resolutions to make our buyers whole when property damage has been found prior to closing such as termite infestation.

In our representation of sellers, our real estate attorneys run title searches to ensure clear title. We check for any liens, mortgages, easements or encumbrances that may affect the sale of the property. We prepare the sale documents and enlist a property surveyor. For comprehensive real estate representation, contact our Aurora, Illinois, real estate lawyers for a free consultation.

Residential real estate transactions and management can be complicated and lead to expensive litigation. We understand the financial concerns involved in these transactions and do our best to provide effective and efficient legal advocacy. We are experienced and dedicated to our clients. Contact our real estate attorneys for representation today. We provide a free initial consultation.

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