Kane County Prescription Drug Possession Attorneys

Many people are unaware that they can face stiff penalties for being in possession of a prescription bottle that has another person’s name on it. In some cases, the penalties for illegal possession of prescription drugs are just as harsh as they are for possession of street drugs like crack or heroin. At The Law Office of Richard C. Irvin & Associates, our lawyers take aggressive action to protect the rights of clients facing charges of illegal possession of prescription drugs.

Aurora / Elgin – Controlled Substance Possession Lawyer


Addiction to prescription medications is a growing problem in Illinois and beyond. When our clients struggle with substance abuse problems, we connect them with resources that can help, such as the Second Chance Program. Participating in the Second Chance Program can not only help you get sober, it can also be instrumental in getting the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

In cases involving prescription drugs, there are often many opportunities to mitigate or reduce the charges. However, it is very difficult to identify these opportunities without an attorney. Our attorneys have extensive experience in criminal defense. We will take aggressive steps to mitigate or reduce the charges against you whenever possible.