Kane Cointy Expungement Attorneys

A criminal record can damage your entire future — but it does not have to. By pursuing expungement or asking the court to seal your records, you can prevent the crime from impacting your job prospects, financial aid and eligibility for military service. At The Law Office of Richard C. Irvin & Associates, our attorneys work closely with clients to help them move forward with their lives.

Kane County Criminal Conviction Expungement & Record Sealing Lawyer


Expungement is a process that wipes away criminal records; in other words, after your record is expunged, it is as if the crime never happened. You may be eligible for expungement if you have not committed any other crimes in the years since your arrest. Our attorneys can review you case to determine whether expungement is a viable option for you.

Protect your future. It is especially important for young people to take action to protect their futures. A criminal record can prevent you from qualifying for financial aid for college and make you ineligible for military service. The Aurora expungement lawyers at The Law Office of Richard C. Irvin & Associates frequently work with young people to help them safeguard their futures.

Record Sealing

Expungement is not possible in every case. However, even if you are not eligible for expungement, it may be possible to ask the court to seal your records. Once the records are sealed, the crime will remain on your record, but no potential employer or agency other than law enforcement will have access to that information.