Kane County Cocaine Possession Defense Lawyers

If you are arrested for cocaine possession in Illinois, you may be facing very serious penalties. To protect yourself from lengthy prison sentences and other harsh consequences, turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney. In the Aurora area, people who face charges for cocaine possession turn to The Law Office of Richard C. Irvin & Associates.

Aurora / Elgin Cocaine Charge Attorney


There are several steps our lawyers can take to mitigate or eliminate the charges against you. We can send the substance to the Illinois crime lab to determine whether it is actually powder or crack cocaine. We will also investigate the circumstances of your arrest to determine whether the police had probable cause to stop and search you. If we find that the police did not have probable cause, we will press for a dismissal of the charges.

If the arresting officer did have probable cause, we will determine whether you can participate in the Second Chance Program. The Second Chance Program is a drug treatment program available to first-time offenders. By completing the program successfully, you can dramatically increase your chances of getting the charges dismissed.

If this is not your first offense, the consequences will be far greater. Our founding attorney, Richard C. Irvin, is an experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. Armed with extensive knowledge of criminal law, he can take steps to protect you and your future.