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When there are children in the family, they are immediately the number one priority in all disputes and mediations. A skilled Elgin child custody and visitation attorney can protect your rights while ensuring that the best interests of your children are upheld.

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At The Law Office of Richard C. Irvin & Associates, we understand the stress and concern that surrounds all aspects of the divorce proceeding. Even if the ultimate outcome is a positive one, reaching that point can become an emotional struggle. Those emotions can quickly multiply when there are children involved.

When dealing with issues related to the children affected by divorce, the courts uphold a best interest standard. All decisions and disputes are met with the question, “Is this in the best interest of the child?” This standard is all the more important when deciding the future of the child based on custody and visitation. Our family law attorneys know the questions that arise in support and custody disputes, including what happens when a parent moves out of state, how holidays are divided, what legal custody is, what joint or sole custody is, and whether a child can chose which parent to live with.

Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at either our Elgin or Aurora office. Divorce issues can be difficult, but child custody disputes can feel impossible without the help of a skilled attorney guiding you through the process.

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